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Union Health Center

by Charles Lauster Architect, P.C. on April 20, 1998


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Union Health Center
New York City 1998

The Union Health Center is a 60,000 square foot primary medical care facility that serves members of UNITE and other unions. They moved from five floors that had last been built out in the 1950s to two larger floors in the same building. CLA assisted the UHC staff from the earliest programming stages right through State certification and operation.

The facility includes examination rooms, a radiology suite, a physical therapy center, an eye, ear, nose and throat department, a laboratory, a pharmacy and administrative areas. Great attention was given to moving patients from the waiting areas to the exam rooms crisply. From the staff’s prospective the flow was to be as smooth as possible. From the patient’s viewpoint it was to be as comforting and reassuring as possible. Robin Guenther and John Petrarca were associated with CLA for this project.