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New York City Veterinary Specialists

by Charles Lauster Architect, P.C. on August 23, 2008


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New York City Veterinary Specialists
New York City 2005-2009

NYC Vet Specialists is the largest animal surgery clinic in New York City. At 17,000 sf, the Manhattan Center has examination rooms, preparation areas, surgery suites, doctors offices and lounges for pet owners. In terms of medical imaging, there is a MRI, CAT scan, lineal accelerator and several x-ray machines.

The clinic is on two levels of a new building in mid-town. Glass and open space give a light and airy feel. This approach creates the opportunity for visual contact among the staff for quick reactions and overall control of operations.

The Queens Center, 7,630 sf, is a satelite facility serving the Forest Hills neighborhood. It was completed in 2008.

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