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Nan Shan Center

by Charles Lauster Architect, P.C. on August 25, 2009


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Nan Shan Queens Center
New York City 2017

This ten-story community services building serves the Flushing, Queens community. The center houses a senior center, a child care center, a fourth floor, outdoor playground, a learning center and three floors of medical offices. A garden at the rear of the building can be seen from the front door.

The seniors’ dining hall in the basement is lit by a fifty-foot long skylight. It can accommodate 110 people. The second floor has an assembly room for 152 people. A game room on the first floor fronts on the garden.

The enclosure employs a rain-screen of a technically advanced panel that preserves wood veneer in a Kynar material. The wood doesn’t age or deteriorate. These panels are combined with glass and metal curtain wall. The detailing of the enclosure resists thermal bridging.